Valentine's Day Bag-a-lope

Gather your supplies:
#10 Business size envelope
Scissors regular or shaped
Glue dots (or if your craft area looks like mine, a Tombo)
Small paper punch
Embellishments (cardstock, patterned paper, brads, stickers, whatever)

Step 2
Seal and cut your envelope in half vertically

Step 3
Fold all the sides except the cut side about 1/2 an inch. I fold them one way then back the other to make it easier when you open it.

Step 4
Open up your envelope and pop out the bottom corners. It helps if you sort of pleat in the sides. Like a paper lunch bag.
(Sorry for the blurry pic, it was the best angle I could think of)

Another pic from the top view

Step 5
Add a glue dot to the bottom of the corners you popped out and fold it back along the bottom making the bag stand up. This is the view from the bottom

Step 6
Embellish at will.
Sorry no pic as I just made this one for the tutorial.

Step 7
Punch holes for ribbon handle. Thread ribbon from the front and tie a knot to keep it as a handle. 

That's it.
The nice thing is you can use this technique with any size envelope.

Happy crafting!